Celebrating 75 years in business would be a significant milestone for any company. For Simco Industrial, a leading international provider of electrostatic solutions, this achievement serves as the perfect backdrop for the company’s impressive business agenda for 2011. That agenda involves a push on new product development, a continued dedication to application support, and the introduction of a new corporate identity.

The new corporate identity, Simco-Ion, comes on the heels of Simco’s acquisition within the last year of Ion Systems, a technology-driven firm with electrostatic and process monitoring solutions for high technology markets such as semiconductor, disk drive and other electronic clean room manufacturing. Simco also acquired Ion Industrial, Ion Systems’ industrial applications unit specializing in electrostatic solutions for the converting, printing, packaging, plastic markets as well as electronic assembly and medical segments. According to Simco-Ion management, the company has now integrated these two diversified product lines into a single, expanded worldwide solutions offering.

The company’s customer support team worldwide has also increased, states Jay Perry, Simco-Ion’s industrial business unit manager. “This growth gives Simco-Ion an even greater opportunity to study electrostatic problems across even more applications.” Perry adds, “This real-world insight gives us a significant advantage in developing highly successful solutions tailored to specific customers needs.”

According to Simco-Ion marketing manager Kim West, new product developments are also coming to fruition.

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