Laser scoring helps easy-open 'steam-in' bag vent properly
Packaging films go hog wild in the meat case
Fast-running film takes the cake
Shrink labels energize performance drinks

Laser scoring helps easy-open 'steam-in' bag vent properly.

Laser scoring helps easy-open 'steam-in' bag vent properly

Laser scoring technology for the SteamRight hermetically sealed bag provides (1) easy-open functionality so consumers can tear open the package effortlessly, and (2) precise tolerances on the steam vents to make sure steam releases correctly during microwave heating. Printed in up to 10 colors (flexographic or gravure), SteamRight pouches attract attention at the point of purchase and are suitable for frozen food applications, such as meals, side dishes, appetizers and snacks.

According to John McCurdy, business development manager at Alcan Packaging, “The frozen food industry is realizing significant growth in microwave steam-cooked products. Consumers want convenient meal solutions found in steam-in-bag cooking. Our SteamRight pouches can deliver hassle-free preparation, easy opening convenience and portion control to help brands differentiate in the category.”

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Packaging films go hog wild in the meat case

Flavorseal spiral ham packaging helps processors and retailers save money, time and labor. Specific products in the packaging line include:

Tight Weave Netting for spiral hams controls the diameter of the ham to yield more center slices.

Bone Guard Shrink Bags offer patchless, total-coverage puncture protection that resists abuse without compromising essential shrink properties.

Metalized Vacuum Bags, Foils and Decorative Color Wrap in red, gold, bronze, silver or custom colors help preserve freshness and flavor, and create colorful appeal in the meat case.

Decorative Extruded Netting Overwrap is available in a range of colors as continuous rolls, heat-sealed or clipped pieces, or pre-looped and tagged pieces. The looped handle closure offers reach-in convenience and makes heavy hams easier to handle.

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Fast-running film takes the cake

Manor Bakeries is using Propafilm FFX26 high-barrier film to wrap its new Mr Kipling Cake Bites at speeds of 360 pieces per minute. “The films’ outstanding performance minimizes product waste, reduces set-up times and significantly cuts down on the amount of line supervision and adjustments required,” says Alasdair McEwen, Innovia Films’ market manager, Biscuits & Bakery.

A biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) material, Propafilm FFX is coated on one side with a unique water-based low-temperature sealing coating for high-speed running, and on the other side with water-based high-barrier polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) for protection from moisture, oxygen and aroma taint. Mr Kipling Cake Bites are available in the UK in three flavors: Caramel, Lemon and Strawberry & Vanilla. Each carton contains 15 individually wrapped, bite-sized sponge cakes.

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Shrink labels energize performance drinks

Shrink labels combine color, metallics and special effects to help differentiate high-energy performance drinks on retail shelves. By pushing the limits of printing technology, the company is able to create dynamic labels that serve as on-package billboards to better communicate to consumers non-verbal aspects of the product’s health and wellness properties.

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