MonoSol, the world leader in manufacturing water soluble films, proudly introduces Vivos Edible Delivery Systems. Water soluble and edible, pouches engineered from Vivos films disappear and release their contents when exposed to hot or cold liquids; the dissolved film can then be consumed along with the food.  

Consumers benefit from on-the-go convenience, in addition to portion control and sustainability in terms of not having to throw away the package. Foodservice kitchens and food manufacturers using pre-measured quantities in mixing and batching operations improve the accuracy of the operation while also saving production time and processing costs. Specific examples include fruit drinks, work out supplements, instant teas and coffees, gravies, soups, hot chocolate, pasta, cooking aids, dyes, enzymes, vitamin fortifiers and yeasts.  

The patent pending Vivos water soluble edible film formulation is composed of a proprietary blend of food grade ingredients. The film is transparent and has no smell or taste when consumed. It offers good oxygen barrier properties and has robust mechanical properties that enable real-world usage with various foods and forming of bags/pouches using existing converting technologies.


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