DuPont Packaging Graphics recently introduced the first DuPont Cyrel DigiCorr System in China. The system was installed in the DuPont Customer Technology Center in Shanghai China to welcome its first group of visitors.

A total of three groups, including 30 customers from converters and printers, visited the DuPont Customer Technology Center (CTC) to experience and view the demonstration of the newly installed DuPont Cyrel DigiCorr System that was conducted by DuPont Packaging Graphics. During the visit, customers were most interested in the key advantages of the economic workflow and new digital plate making technology, producing a unique hybrid-fat topped dot, to enhance print performance while reducing fluting on images, as well as increasing print contrast overall quality.

The DuPont Cyrel DigiCorr System from DuPont Packaging Graphics produces uniquely shaped hybrid digital dots that print with minimal “fluting” or “washboarding,” the condition that results when the printing process reveals the corrugated flutes that provide the structural strength specific to corrugated shipping containers and store displays. In addition, the increased dot support with optimal shoulder angle results in a longer plate run length.

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