Thanks to Magic Steam high-temp film from the Milprint Div. of Bemis Flexible Packaging, processors can now offer the flavor and convenience of steam-in bag for more foods than ever before, including meats, sauces and prepared meals. Available in several formats including bottom gusseted stand-up pouches, pillow pouches and quad-seal pouches, the film can be used in combination with easy-open features for convenient, scissors-free opening.

Magic Steam film, compliant with Food and Drug Administration regulations up to 275° F., is available in all traditional open-air venting methods in addition to Bemis’ proprietary seal-vent technology that maintains a safe, hermetic seal during distribution and then self-vents during cooking. The film is significantly lighter, thinner and less bulky than conventional tray-and-lid packaging in a chipboard box, helping product-to-package ratios and supply-chain efficiencies.