Kleer Pak Manufacturing Company, Inc., has just announced it received the American Institute of Baking certificate (AIB). The AIB certificate proves that the company has passed a set of strict guidelines that food packaging manufacturers must follow and pass to be considered certified. The set of standards that AIB sets gives food companies assurance that there is excellent quality control at the packaging manufacturing level.

The AIB web site said that, “[During a] comprehensive good manufacturing practices (GMP) inspection [AIB auditors] evaluate the adequacy of operational methods and personnel practices, maintenance for food safety, cleaning practices, integrated pest management, and adequacy of prerequisite and food safety programs.”

According to AIB, “GMP inspections, based on a widely-recognized set of Consolidated Standards that describe the requirements of a superior food safety program, are recognized by food companies as a measure of world-class programs that qualify for business worldwide.”

“This certification gives our customers the assurance they are looking for, to allow them to have confidence in Kleer Pak’s manufacturing practices,” said Kam Patel, president of Kleer Pak Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Kleer Pak

AIB International