While attending a very packed FPA Executive Conference yesterday, I noticed quite the push for sustainability within the packaging industry. And there is one very valid reason for this push – one might call it a shove. Flexible packaging manufacturers could end up losing business for not complying.

Barbara McCutchan, PhD., senior associate for Packaging and Technology Integrated Solutions (PTIS) and presenter, mentioned that the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) now has its sights set on plastics.

During the September 2010 CGI conference, the Plastic Disclosure Project was announced, which will require the disclosure of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, energy use, water use and waste generation. According to the Plastic Disclosure Project, this will be, “an investor led initiative requesting corporates to assess and disclose their production, use and handling of plastics and plastic wastes.” Some companies will need to provide these metrics through an annual survey that is published and publicly shared.

One director of sustainability involved in collecting company metrics said of those not willing to participate fully, “If [we’re] not getting the information, then [we will] shift the business.”

It’s time to gear up to quantify not only your company’s usage, but also its earth-friendly initiatives.

To find out more about the Clinton Global Initiative's Plastic Disclosure Project, visitwww.prnewswire.com