The Flexible Packaging Association’s annual State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report is a key source of information for industry converters, suppliers, investors, and analysts. Data available in the report is gathered through the FPA members’ State of the Industry Survey and the non-member Industry-Wide Converter Survey. These surveys examine and assess sales and utilization levels, current profit trends, capital spending plans, merger & acquisitions activity, U.S. imports and exports, projected growth areas, and end-use applications. Survey participants represent $14 billion, or approximately 53%, of the total flexible packaging industry revenues.


The report also includes data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2007 Full Economic Survey and 2008 Annual Survey of Manufacturers, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, industry analysts, investment banking reports, and additional authoritative sources. Following are highlights of the 2010 Report.


Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging industry is the second largest packaging segment, representing approximately 18% of the $143 billion U.S. packaging industry. Today, the U.S. flexible packaging industry is estimated to have $26.4 billon in annual sales (2009) - a 2% decline from 2008 annual sales of $26.9 billion. The “value-added” segment of the industry, which adds significant value to flexible materials usually by performing multiple processes (including extrusion, laminating and printing), is estimated to have $20.3 billion in sales revenue (2009).


Growth & Development

The flexible packaging industry has experienced steady growth, which has been aided by the development of innovative products, advancements in technology, the introduction of flexible packaging into new and existing markets, and the ability to meet the ever changing needs of customers and consumers. According to the report, from 1999 – 2009, the flexible packaging industry has grown at a compound annual rate of 3.1% per year.


By combining the best qualities of paper, plastic film and aluminum foil, flexible packaging delivers a broad range of protective properties, yet employs a minimum of material. Flexible packaging’s versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness contribute to it continued growth. The 2010 Report notes that the ten leading flexible packaging companies, account for 54% of flexible packaging industry revenue, with an average size of $1.3 billion to $1.4 billion. 


Looking Ahead

According to the 2010 Report, sales revenue for 2010 is expected to increase by 3.4%, to approximately $27.3 billion. Looking ahead three to five years, flexible packaging converters expect revenue to rise by 4% per year.


The report is a benefit of FPA membership and is available for download within the Members Only section of the FPA Web site, Copies of the report are also available to FPA non-members for $3500.


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