When manufacturing films, energy is the second-largest cost factor, right behind the raw materials. In response to the recent significant increases in energy prices, Treofan Group, a global leader in biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films, is now introducing central energy management for its activities worldwide. Dieter Flasche, 54, will take on the newly-created management position.


In 2011, the company received DIN EN 16001 certification; a year later, ISO 50001 followed. In the next step, global energy management will be coordinated and monitored across business units and departments. The core responsibilities of the new position include strategy and risk management for energy purchasing, ensuring security of supply, and continually adjusting energy consumption via suitable measures.


“Energy management is one of today’s key strategic tasks – not only from an economical perspective, but for reasons of sustainability,” states Peter Vanacker, CEO of Treofan Group. “We will work consistently to make continuous improvements, thus further improving both our competitiveness and our carbon footprint.”


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