The new Performance Series P5 is already surpassing company expectations. The latest addition to the popular new flexo press line, the model P5 was officially launched to the market-place at Labelexpo Americas this past September. Twelve (12) Performance Series P5 machines have already been sold to converters around the world including Indonesia, Venezuela, Sweden, France and the United States.

These confirmed sales, along with the continuing high demand from converters for the P5, are evidence that the machine is a proven tool for both high quality and extreme productivity. As part of the launch of the model P5 at Labelexpo Americas, Mark Andy demonstrated the key features that allow an operator to set-up and changeover four different print jobs in six minutes. The new machine design confirms a new reality about 'short run printing' – digital is not the only solution to be considered to maintain a competitive advantage in today's market.

The Performance Series is capable of profitably running jobs as short as 800 feet or 250 meters; as well as any longer run demands. Its unique and innovative print platform has drastically reduced tools and operator steps while maintaining high level of consistency, quality and repeatability. “This new Performance Series is a game changer. Not only for Mark Andy, but for the converters who aim to remain competitive today and into the future,” states Jeff Feltz, director of product management for Mark Andy, Inc.

Mark Andy
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