Sealed Air and the ingenuity required to create our packaging world were featured topics on the January 14 installment of History Channel’s “Modern Marvels.” The full broadcast included demonstrations of Sealed Air’s food and protective packaging technologies. 

“Modern Marvels” is a documentary television series that premiered on Jan. 1, 1995 on the History Channel. The program focuses on how technologies affect and are used in today's society. 
Flexible Packaging asked Sealed Air’s director of corporate communications, Ken Aurichio, about the experience and his takeway. “We are dedicated to consistently delivering new ideas and products to our customers, and it is nice to be recognized as such being that we were the only company on the program recognized for innovations in protective and fresh food packaging.”
Aurichio knows the experience was worth it. “We hope this episode will go a long way in demonstrating the value packaging brings to our customers, consumers and the world at large," he says. "Many of our employees are big fans of the show and there was a lot of pride and excitement in participating in the production of one of the episode. Most of us never realized the amount of work that goes into filming a television show."
For 50 years, Sealed Air has been a leading global innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of packaging and performance-based materials and equipment systems that now serve an array of food, industrial, medical, and consumer applications. Operating in 51 countries, Sealed Air’s international reach generated revenue of $4.2 billion in 2009. With widely recognized brands such as Bubble Wrap brand cushioning, Jiffy protective mailers, Instapak foam-in-place systems and Cryovac packaging technology, Sealed Air continues to identify new trends, foster new markets, and deliver innovative solutions to its customers. 
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