Mamata USA recently installed another Pouch Machine at Diamond Flexible, Northbrook, Ill. It is the third Mamata Pouch Machine installed at the company. The latest machine is 32-inches wide and offers several capabilities on a single line. The machine can handle unsupported coextruded films and laminates. 

The system’s most unique capability is to produce recloseable side-gusseted pouches with quad seals and in-line Press-to-Close or Slider Zippers. With separate side gusset inserts, an all side-registered pouch can be produced. 

It can manufacture several varieties of three-side seal, press-to-close and stand-up pouches from single sheet. With capability to add unwinds at a later date, it can produce registered bottom gussets or side gussets for a stand-up pouch or a quad-seal pouch. It is possible to have registration control for up to four separate webs.  

The bag-production machine is ideal for petfood, fertilizer, produce, and other markets. 

For more information, contact  Diamond Flexible Packaging  or  Mamata USA.