James P. Navin, president of Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc., announces the company’s recently expanded corporate headquarters houses a comprehensive factory acceptance testing center.

“Spee-Dee is dedicated to assisting our customers integrate the most productive and cost-effective solutions for their unique packaging challenges. Our facility enables us to more closely simulate how equipment will perform once it is fully operational within their facilities – before a purchasing commitment is made,” Navin states.

According to Timm Johnson, vice president sales/marketing, the testing area offers design features to accommodate a variety of product, materials and equipment. “We are able to contain dangerous and/or dusty product through the use of full dust collection equipment and plastic curtains that close off the testing area. In addition, hot and cold water with a drainage system allow equipment to be washed within the testing area,” Johnson explains.

The testing process is further enhanced through the integration of a second floor mezzanine. Particulate products are efficiently raised utilizing a Frazier bucket elevator, while powders are transported via a PIAB vacuum conveyor. The spaciousness of the site permits complementary packaging equipment to be utilized, such as vertical form/fill/seal machines, conveyors, check weighers and infeed systems, to form a fully operational packaging line. For added customer convenience, Spee-Dee maintains a sizeable tooling inventory and stores sample product on-site.

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