The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Inc., is now seeking nominations for the Sixth Annual Design for Recycling Award (DfR).

To be considered for the Design for Recycling Award, candidates must demonstrate progress toward ensuring the products they design and/or manufacture can be recycled safely and economically, using existing recycling technologies and methods; eliminating or significantly reducing materials that may make recycling difficult, including hazardous or toxic materials; increasing the yield of a product’s recyclable materials; and the increased use of recycled materials in manufacturing.

In recognition of meeting these criteria, ISRI annually awards the “Design for Recycling Award” to companies that have actively incorporated Design for Recycling principles into their products and manufacturing processes.

“ISRI is looking for companies, designers and manufacturers who are making products and parts that can be recycled safely and with ease. Award recipients will be those who protect the environment, boost the economy and help consumers recognize the value in recyclable products and commodities,” ISRI President Robin Wiener said. “Making a priority of the ability to recycle a product or part should begin on the drawing board.”

“We are seeking businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations that understand recycling begins with design, said Emanuel Bodner, Chair of ISRI’s DfR Task Force. “Recycling is not just about taking whatever happens to be left over and making it new again: it’s about creating products with a sustainable life cycle that benefit the economy and the environment.”

Past winners have included Wind Simplicity, Coca-Cola Recycling Company, The Herman Miller Company, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Hewlett Packard.

To nominate for this award please contact Billy Johnson, ISRI’s Director of Political and Public Affairs, at 202-662-8548 or