Small rolls intended for use in cash registers of supermarkets, gas stations and calculators are usually used with small card board or plastic cores. These cores, mostly with an interior diameter of 13.5 to 17.5 mm, stabilize the initial rewinding of the roll and are used in certain devices to support the roll. Often, rolls are just simply put into the device, in which case a core is not required.

Goebel has upgraded its Model KPW3 to rewind such cash register or similar rolls on the KPW3 in a coreless fashion. The smallest interior diameter for coreless rolls is 15 mm.

Apart from saving rewind cores, it is also important to note that coreless rewinding can be achieved on the Goebel KPW3 with a maximum working width of 1600 mm, the roll size most produced in the industry, and 80x80 can be finished as a set of 20 rolls in one cycle.

By providing a large scale quality machine, the option of coreless rewinding expands the production portfolio of this machine, which serves the small roll industry. 

Goebel Equipment – Matik, Inc.