H.B. Fuller Company, a leading global adhesives provider, will introduce the latest addition to its innovative Flextra family of flexible packaging laminating adhesives at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago October 28-31. The new debut – Flextra laminating adhesive for Large Stand Up Pouches (SUPs) – is a solvent-free adhesive that joins H.B. Fuller’s line of problem-solving flexible packaging adhesives comprised of solvent-free, water-based and solvent-based formulations. Flextra laminating adhesive for large pouches provides bag converters, particularly those producing large format bags, with a new adhesive that strengthens overall pouch structure to reduce supply chain damage.

“Like we did when we developed our Flextra Quiet laminating adhesive that resolved the issue of noisy flexible packaging, H.B. Fuller has further applied our vision and expertise to inspire the next problem-solving adhesive for converters – Flextra laminating adhesive for large pouches,” says Brian Glasbrenner, H.B. Fuller’s North American sales director for flexible packaging. “In working and talking with our flexible packaging customers, we saw a need for a laminating adhesive that strengthens the overall structure of large pouches, thereby reducing damage and losses from splitting when dropped during distribution, in stores or in use.”

Flextra laminating adhesive for Large SUPs addresses a growing need as bags of all sizes continue to make inroads into flexible packaging. Pouches are also now getting larger as the proliferation of big box stores spur the need for larger bags to hold heavier, high bulk density goods such as pet food and garden supplies (currently as much as 50 lbs.).

Flextra laminating adhesive for Large Pouches has already been commercialized for one of H.B. Fuller’s flexible packaging converting customers and successfully beta tested at another customer’s operation. While the initial formulation is solvent-free due to the growing trend by converters to shift to solvent-free laminating equipment, this new Flextra adhesive technology can potentially be formulated as a water-based or solvent-based solution.

There is further impetus behind H.B. Fuller’s introduction of Flextra laminating adhesive for Large SUPs. H.B. Fuller is driven to expand its solvent-free platform for its flexible packaging customers. A platform built on speed – speed in processing and speed to cure for safe food packaging – Flextra laminating adhesive for Large Stand Up Pouches joins H.B. Fuller’s solvent-free Flextra Fast laminating adhesive. Flextra Fast solvent-free adhesive allows laminating as fast as 1,700 feet per minute, slitting in as few as three hours, PAA decay in as few as two days, and filling and shipping in as few as two days.

H.B. Fuller