Sun Chemical has teamed up with ScentSational Technologies to introduce SunScent coatings, a commercially printable coating that allows any printer to incorporate scent directly onto the packaging substrate which stays inactive until consumers handle the package, trigger a release, and experience a product’s aroma.

Available for flexo, gravure and offset coating units, SunScent coatings can be applied directly onto packaging as a spot coating and done in-line, working with any current pressroom configuration. Stock scents are available for SunScent coatings, but custom “signature scents” can be developed for brands that want a unique scent associated with their product.

Unlike traditional scratch and sniff labels, the desired scent is applied directly onto the primary packaging, including flexible packaging pouches and other tamper resistant packages that consumers cannot open on the grocery shelf. Additionally, the structure of microencapsulates in the coatings are designed to prevent premature breakage during the printing process while delivering maximum scent release.

SunScent coatings are a differentiator from scratch and sniff, as that technology requires actual scratching to release the scent. Scratch and sniff printers frequently report their plant smelling like the fragrance during press runs and typically needed multiple passes to get enough fragrance onto the substrate to create the desired effect. While scratch and sniff stickers can be effective tools, they can also be very expensive. Not only do they need to be printed separately, they need to be subsequently affixed to the package. SunScent coatings are a cost effective alternative as they are printed directly onto the primary package and do not require any additional steps.

SunScent coatings enable brand owners to convey the positive scent and aroma of their products at the point of sale without the need to open the package. The custom signature scents enable brand owners to provide consumers with a distinct scent that they can associate with positive brand experiences, simply by touching or handling the package - a powerful tool to aid brand identification, loyalty and drive purchase behavior. SunScent coatings are available in food grade flavors, as well as fragrances.

“A product’s scent or aroma can create anticipation and desire in the minds of consumers. If it smells good, they are confident it will taste good, or perform well, and they are more likely to purchase the product,” says Bob Lorenz, vice president of business development at Sun Chemical. “It comes as no surprise that the sense of smell is a differentiator that many brand owners would like to take advantage of. The challenge however, is intriguing customers with the scent while ensuring the packaging is tamper-resistant. SunScent coatings print the scented coating directly onto the package itself so the scent can be released by simply handling the product, rather than scratching.”

According to a study by the Point of Purchase Advertising Industry (POPAI), 70 percent of packages picked up from shelves are ultimately dropped into shopping carts. SunScent coatings are meant to go beyond helping a package stand out; they improve the chances of consumers handling products and ultimately purchasing them.

Sun Chemical