The Dow Chemical Company’s Performance Packaging business will highlight the “It’s The Total Package” video at Pack Expo International 2012. “It’s The Total Package” is a fun, animated video developed by Dow to explain the benefits of flexible packaging to consumers and advocate for flexible packaging. Led by the business’s flexible packaging mascot – the flexible packaging superhero – the video explains how flexible packaging solutions benefit consumers, the environment and packaging manufacturers.

“We are pleased with how the video helps consumers and manufacturers alike think about their packaging in a new way,” says Greg Bunker, associate marketing director for Flexible Food & Specialty Packaging, North America. “Often, we find that the general public doesn’t realize the impact flexible packaging solutions have. For instance, 30 percent of the world’s grown food is wasted, much of that due to spoilage, and flexible pouches help delay spoilage. Dow creates packaging innovations that are sustainable and exceed our customers’ expectations for world-class solutions.”

Due to uncertainty about flexible packaging’s role in the marketplace, Dow created the video to dispel previous misconceptions the general public had about plastics used in packaging and show how flexible packages have a beneficial effect on the environment, due to the fact that they use less material than glass containers. Throughout the video, the packaging superhero leads the viewer through a packaging adventure that illustrates how flexible packaging helps reduce food waste, protect food and is a sustainable choice. The video explains how Dow’s layered technology defends against outside stressors and food spoilage to ensure consumers can enjoy quality, fresh food straight from the package.

To help the video reach a broader audience, Dow has launched a contest in which attendees of Pack Expo have the opportunity to give the flexible packaging mascot an official name. Since his mission is to promote healthy packaging solutions, he needs a unique superhero moniker to help viewers remember his message. Participants can enter onsite at Dow’s Customer Center at Pack Expo and online atnameourhero.comthrough November 30th. The winner will receive an Apple iPad.

The Performance Packaging team has a variety of other exciting activities planned for Pack Expo. Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc., will deliver the keynote address at the Company’s Pack Partners event on Tuesday, October 30 at 8:30 am. Dow is also sponsoring the Showcase of Packaging Innovations, which introduces attendees to award-winning packaging designs from around the world. Visit Dow’s Customer Center at Pack Expo, located in the Vista Ballroom, to learn about Dow’s product offerings and meet Dow’s team of specialists.

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