As of December 2012, Starlinger has opened an independent regional office in Surabaya to enhance sales and service support for customers in South East Asia.

“PT Starlinger SEA” has been founded in response to the growing woven packaging market in South East Asia and is operating as an independent company. It handles sales and service activities of both business areas of Starlinger, textile packaging machinery and plastics recycling lines, and is headed by Mr. Hengky Senjaya. Four regional technicians are available for technical service and support, with more technicians being hired and trained in the course of the year. “The aim is to provide full technical service coverage and to establish Indonesia as the base for Starlinger’s technical service activities in Asia. The new office will also facilitate the market development in the region and help us to further strengthen our position in Asia”, says Starlinger Sales Director Hermann Adrigan.

South East Asia: An Important Growth Market

The strong economic growth in the South East Asian countries during the past years have made this region an important market on national as well as international level. This also means strong potential in the packaging sector: For example, 95 % of all agricultural products destined for the local markets are transported in woven plastic bags; Starlinger customers thus produce packaging mainly for the agricultural sector. But also the cement and chemical industries are steadily growing and, together with fast growing export rates, provide further markets for flexible woven packaging.

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