Menges Roller Company is pleased to announce the expansion of its service offerings to converting companies. The Menges Team will now provide Precision Cylindrical Grinding services, as well as Chrome Plating.


These two services go hand-in-hand. Chrome-plated rollers (after miles of web have passed over them) often see their chrome get dull or chipped. Menges Roller will now grind off that old chrome and apply new chrome plating to the roller, delivering a like-new finish.


For converters, a high-gloss finish on chromed rolls is imperative. Especially in situations where these rollers are in contact with hot plastics, if the chrome is dull, the plastic finish will appear dull and “un-glossy”.


These new re-grinding and re-chroming services being offered by Menges will help converters maintain their product quality. They’re also cost-effective repairs. Readers should realize that, most of the time, chromed rollers tend to be expensive chill rolls or heat-transfer rolls (double-shelled & liquid-filled). Replacing these rollers can be quite costly, so converting managers are usually happy to find they can be refinished for a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Few roller companies offer precision cylindrical grinding and re-chroming. However, Menges Roller Company has invested heavily in computer controlled outside diameter finishing machines which are capable of achieving diameter tolerances within one one-thousandth of an inch.


For most converting operations, rollers must have very exact dimensions to function properly. With over 40 years of experience, Menges can remove the old finish and apply new chrome, all while delivering exact diameters.


Before applying new chrome, the old chrome must be carefully removed using a precision grinding procedure. The worn chrome must be carefully but completely removed, but the roller’s outside shell must not be reduced in diameter. Very small tolerances in the thousandth of an inch range must be monitored.


After preparation and inspection, new chrome is then applied to the roll using advanced plating technology.

The chrome’s thickness, layering specifications and other properties are very important, and each roll is different.


After the chrome is applied, it must be polished. Measured using “Ra value” (roughness average), the lower the Ra number, the shinier and smoother the chrome will be. Menges will offer a complete range of polish options, from standard mirror finish to optical mirror finish, delivering Ra values as low as 1-2 Ra.


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