Max Daetwyler Corporation and Williamson Printing Materials Limited hosted an educational seminar on May 17th, 2011 at the Centre for Health & Safety Innovation in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  Designated the ‘Lunch & Learn Series 1’, the class focused on Doctor Blade selection, applications and troubleshooting for the Flexographic Printing Market.

“In conjunction with Williamson, we established the Lunch & Learn Series to allow printers to come together to examine effective techniques as well as discuss problems and solutions they may encounter,” states Johnny Stamey, Technical Product Manager, Daetwyler Corporation.  “This initial seminar provided many people with valuable information about doctor blade selection and application.  This Series was designed to provide attendees with food for thought and help them maximize their printing potential.”

Technical Sales Representative of Williamson Printing Materials Limited, Sean Sawa says, that although the topic for this seminar was Doctor Blades, seminars in the future may be expanded and may focus on other challenges Flexographic printers face.

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