Effective April 1, 2012, Chris Rogers will assume the duties of President of Multifilm Packaging Corporation, and Marcus Magnusson will be promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing. Olle Mannertorp will continue as CEO and will focus on long term strategies and expansion plans for the company.

Rogers joined Multifilm in 2001 as sales manager, was promoted to vice president of sales and marketing in 2003, and became part owner of the company through a management buy-out, completed in 2008.

Magnusson joined Multifilm in 2005 as business development manager and became a part owner of the company in 2009.

“After many discussions with both Rogers, Magnusson, and the rest of our ownership team, it became clear the time was right to make this change” states Mannertorp. “As more of my efforts became focused on long term strategy and expansion, there was a need to shift responsibilities, and both are ready for these new challenges. I am excited about our future, and look forward to this transition.”    

Multifilm Packaging Corporation 
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