APR and Techkon USA will be showcasing SpectroEdge, the leading-edge color measurement technology for flexo presses, at an industry event sponsored by the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), followed by the Annual Meeting of the Tag and Label Manufacturer Institute (TLMI).

Techkon SpectroEdge is an inline spectrophotometer that helps press operators measure and maintain accurate color at standard production speeds. SpectroEdge mounts directly on a press, measures the color bars instantly, and interprets color values that are sent to a host computer using Techkon’s ChromQA software. This innovative technology captures real-time spectral data with presses running up to 1000ft/minute (300m/minute) and reports “on-the-fly” color variations as they occur, eliminating costly waste.

SpectroEdge allows flexo press operators to:

·         Create more press uptime with faster make-ready

·         Reduce ink and paper waste significantly

·         Catch unacceptable color variations as they occur-not after the job is printed

·         Minimize or eliminate customer rejections of press runs

 ·        Detect out of tolerance conditions as they occur and minimize costly reprints

 ·        Generate comprehensive color quality verification reports

Flexographic professionals can view and demo the SpectroEdge and ChromQA software at the following events:  

·         FTA Fall Conference, “Efficiency in Flexography: Connecting the Dots”  on October 15-17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

·         TLMI Annual Meeting to be held on October 21-24 in Naples, Florida.

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