Glassteel Coatings (formerly known as Empire Treater Rolls) announces the development of three new coating formulations to be applied to both roller and non-roller products. These new Glassteel coatings have been formulated to substantially improve corrosion resistance, release and heat transfer qualities while maintaining the durability and longevity that are the hallmarks of Glassteel coatings.

“Empire Treater Rolls was approached by multiple customers who have had great success with Glassteel corona treater rolls. They thought that our coating might be a solution for other processing problems. We had people who were frustrated with their existing coatings prematurely wearing and peeling or generally not giving the performance that their manufacturing process demanded,” says Ted Cordes, president. “They thought that Glassteel coatings might be a solution to their problems.”

Working with university researchers and vendors, the company developed new Glassteel formulations designed for difficult applications including; corrosion resistance for applications like chemical baths; improved release and wear characteristics for use in film extrusion and; and heat transfer for maintaining consistent operating temperatures.

“After developing these new coatings, we realized we needed a name that better reflected all of our products and capabilities. It just made sense to rename the company Glassteel Coatings.”

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