Pamarco Global Graphics Flexo Division has seen significant growth in anilox sales on the East Coast of Canada in the last five years, especially with the introduction of its EFlo series of engravings.

Pamarco is looking to double its sales within within the next three years and in order to achieve this objective Pamarco has made some key strategic changes in order to better service the Canadian marketplace and support this growth. The company’s focus is based on an even higher level of customer satisfaction, customer service and business support.

In order to meet these expectations and continue to provide superior customer service, Pamarco are pleased to announce that starting June 1, 2012 they will be starting a transportation hub for customers to drop off and pickup deliveries of rolls, this will work in conjunction with Pamarco's partner Totalogistix through a provider, CrossDock, based out of Mississauga, Ontario. Pamarco believe that by setting up this hub they cannot only improve the level of service and deliveries of its products, but also save transportation cost when sending rolls to its five manufacture sites.

Also the company has restructured its internal sales team and the inside customer service representative for is now Glenda McCarty. McCarty has been with Pamarco for almost ten years and has extensive knowledge of the print industry which will play a key part when communicating with customers. She will work closely with Peter Giannandrea, the technical sales manager for Canada, in order to meet customer’s needs.

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