Beta LaserMike, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, announces the launch of a new whitepaper, “The Business Case for Non-Contact Length & Speed Measurement: Measuring the Return on Investment for Industrial Manufacturers.”

The whitepaper addresses the direct and indirect benefits that industrial manufacturers realize when moving from a wheel tachometer or contact-type encoder to the LaserSpeed non-contact length and speed measurement system; such as reduced product shortages and overages, decreased product waste, increased product quality, reduced maintenance, minimized downtime, and lower overall cost of ownership. The whitepaper also provides a real-world application example to calculate the ROI and payback you can expect from implementing the LaserSpeed non-contact measurement system.

“In the current fiscal economy, organizations find themselves evaluating all conceivable means to increase productivity, improve quality, and gain a competitive advantage,” says Jay Luis, worldwide marketing manager at Beta LaserMike. “With this whitepaper, our goal is to give a clear overview of the key pain points in industry and how implementing LaserSpeed can help meet these challenges by reducing waste during production and increasing capacity which ultimately improves productivity and product quality. Manufacturers will realize an ROI in a short period of time and more.”

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