Smart Machinery & Moulds Pvt. Ltd. announces the launch of the smallest extrusion blow molding machine in the world. Maximum utilization of floor space was the key force driving the need to develop compact extrusion blow molding machines. Customers can gain higher productivity from the same floor space available to them, and smaller footprints and faster cycles result in higher output.

Smart extrusion blow molding machines use the smallest floor space in the industry and are custom built to be suitable for various applications. Products covered are used for the packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medicals, pesticides, lubricants, automotive and more.

The smallest blow molding machine has capacity from 5ml to 2 liters. Smart machines are compact, fast and energy efficient as compared to larger machines.

The main features of Smart blow molding machines are as follows:

* Single or Double Station
* Microprocessor Controls
* Helical Gear Box v  Larger Mould Area
* Superior Mixing Screws
* A.C. Drive
* Fast Dry Cycle
* Energy Efficient
* User Friendly

Smart Machinery & Moulds