Crystal Farms, the third-largest cheese company in the U.S., announces new stand-up packaging for its 8-ounce shredded cheese line. The new pouch uses 20 percent less packaging, but still contains the same two cups of cheese as the previous package. Crystal Farms’ packaging technology produces the right size bag for the amount of cheese inside.

To understand the retail impact of this packaging solution, Crystal Farms partnered with InContext Solutions, a world-renowned leader in market research. InContext Solutions conducted shopper research within 3D virtual stores to determine the impact the new packaging would have on consumer attitudes and behaviors at shelf. In addition, InContext evaluated the go-to-market strategy on how best to message the change and benefits to consumers. This cutting edge methodology provided Crystal Farms with the insights they needed to validate the new packaging design, retail approach and consumer messaging strategy within the cheese category.

“With a multitude of consumer, retail and transportation benefits, we know this is at the forefront of our category space and will ultimately change the industry,” says John Crawford, senior director of marketing for Crystal Farms Cheese. “InContext Solutions helped us with in-depth research and shopper insights, enabling us to better launch the gusseted shredded cheese bag in the retail space.”

InContext Solutions’ research proved that consumers like greater convenience with a bag that can sit upright while cooking. The stand-up pouch is more functional, easier to pour and features a new premium twin track zipper for better closing and improved freshness.

In addition to the consumer benefits, the package facing has been reduced by 30 percent, allowing more items to fit on the retailer shelf. Further, the smaller packaging provides greater efficiency during transportation, saving significant fuel and shipping costs. Ultimately, this reduces the environmental footprint as Crystal Farms Cheese brings its stand-up bag to market.

InContext Solutions

Crystal Farms Cheese