Future Design Inc. announces the receipt of US patent #8,282,374 for their Evacuation System for Plastics Extrusion.


“I am pleased to continue the trend of technical innovation within our company,” says Robert Krycki, inventor, “This will help the operators in the plant environment by removing smoke, fumes, and contaminants from the air, a definite benefit for their health and safety.”


More commonly known as the Saturn Evacuation System (SES), its function is to reduce the amount of airborne contamination that fills the plant during the blown film extrusion process. During extrusion, particulate contaminants become airborne as polymers exit the die. These particulates are too heavy to stay airborne and be captured by conventional exhaust systems, and will settle on any equipment frames, railings, electrical components, or plant lighting that they come into contact with.


Capturing the contamination as it exits the die offers the best opportunity to overcome this problem. By installing the SES between the die and the air ring Future Design has proven that their system will reduce up to 80% of airborne contamination. This will reduce the amount of airborne contamination, not eliminate it completely. Some of the contamination will not be released from the bubble until a lower temperature of the polymer is reached. However, by eliminating up to 80% of particulates, plant managers will greatly increase the cleanliness of their facilities and thus improve the safety of the work area.


After capturing the contamination in the SES, it is possible to take the unit apart for regular cleanings and discard the accumulated contaminants in any applicable, government approved location.


 Future Design Inc