ISO Poly Films, Inc., a member of the Sigma Plastics Group, has ordered two new Varex blown film lines, one 3-layer and one 7-layer, from W&H for its facility in Gray Court, South Carolina. Installation is scheduled for early 2013.

The three-layer Varex has a working width of 110”, grooved-feed extruders (90/135/90.30D), a Maxicone C die, Optifil P2K gauge control system, Filmatic S surface winder and the Opticool high-output air ring.  The 87” 7-layer VAREX line (70/90/60/60/60/70/70.30D) will also be outfitted with a Maxicone C die, Optifil P2K and a Filmatic S winder, but will instead use the Multicool dual lip air ring.

ISO Poly's production has tripled over the past three years. To secure its foothold, the company has continued to invest heavily in order to increase capacity and accommodate growth, from adding blown film lines and building a new 30,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility for the manufacturing of specialty films to opening a new plant in Vancouver, WA.

“W&H is an important partner in our growth strategy and the installation of the newest W&H Varex lines show how strongly we value the performance and reliability of their products. To maintain our high level of film quality, we rely on the advanced technologies and high output rates W&H delivers,” says Jon McClure, founder & president of ISO Poly.

“Sigma Plastics was founded 35 years ago as a commodity films manufacturer, but in recent years we have dedicated ourselves to expanding in the specialty films markets. These two new W&H lines are further indication of our commitment to this segment of our business and to ISO Poly. I have the utmost confidence that we will continue to execute our strategy of being one of the premier multi-layer film producers in the world,” adds Alfred Teo, chairman & CEO of the Sigma Plastics Group.

With the installation of these two Varex lines, Sigma Plastics will have more than 26 co-extrusion blown film lines from W&H. In just over a year, nine Varex lines have been installed or ordered at Sigma companies.

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