Tapeswitch Corporation recently introduced non-contact switches and interlock systems to its markets, which ensure guarding on numerous types of packaging machinery with hard guards, doors, hatches and gates. The non-contact interlocks are offered as the following categories magnetic safety switches, coded magnetic safety switches and interlock systems, standalone electronic safety switches (SSS Switches), and uniquely coded electronic safety switch systems (F- Series) with up to 500,000 codes.

The SSS is a tamper-proof, standalone safety switch that can be used to switch relays, contactors or safety relays directly. Only a compatible actuator will operate the SSS switch correctly. By removing the need for a separate control unit we have made it possible to use our top of the range electronic switching technology in smaller, simpler safety systems. With the SSS you get the reliability the electronic safety systems along with the ease of installation of a standard magnetic safety switch. The SSS is suitable for use, on it’s own, for lower category safety systems, providing 2 volt-free outputs (2 normally open or 1 normally open and 1 normally closed). It can also be used in conjunction with safety relays where a higher category of performance is required. For ease of operation the fixed switch has an LED, giving true indication of the SSS safety switch contacts.

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