Plastic Machinery & Parts LLC, (PMP), gets the opportunity to market and sell a unique piece of equipment. PMP agrees to represent owner for the sale of a used Galileo Metalizer 95 inch wide (2400mm), utilizing its worldwide network of machinery manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and agents to market this item and bring results for the seller.

PMP will demonstrate its selling power and show its ability to sell a wide variety of flexible plastic manufacturing and converting items. PMP offers a complete line of plastic extrusion and converting equipment, along with new equipment as well. With an established network world wide of machinery dealers and agent, the company offers this Galileo Metalizer 2400mm wide (95.5 inch) Model Mega 2410/A Mfg. 2002 with a running speed of 800m/min (Approx. 2,400 Ft/Min) 1000mm (39 inch) roll Diam, also able to metallize  paper.

Plastic Machinery and Parts LLC, believes a business model that offers new and used machinery is the best way to serve the industry and its clients. This approach provides accountability for a client’s best interest. The Flexible Plastics Industry has welcomed this new company, PMP, at an enormous rate. This is evident here, with the trust and faith the seller has put in the hands of Plastic Machinery and Parts sales team. Flexible plastic manufactures and converters that utilize all of the resources of PMP are put in the best competitive position and are provided with resources that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry.

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