With the ever expanding market for specialty beverages, distinctive graphic designs are pushing the frontier and challenges of pre-press work for metal decorating. To address this need and better serve the market, Southern Graphic Systems, Canada, has created a completely new pre-press production department within its Mississauga, Ontario, facility with state-of-the-art capabilities. “We wanted to create a functional showplace where our customers come in, see the design process with plates being made, and then ultimately view the printed can all on site. This provides a complete picture of the project in development, so approvals can be expedited,” states Michael Ortolan, Senior Manufacturing Manager.  He added, “In addition to our gravure and flexo services, this on-site capability helps our customers and brand owners manage their product launches on multiple print platforms better than ever. No other pre-press provider can offer all of this capability.”

The first to market in a digital form, Flint Group Flexographic Products’ nyloprint plates, WS 73 D, WS 83 D and WS 94 D, provide excellent ink laydown with fine detail in the highlight areas to provide outstanding print quality. The ease of use and quick processing of plates in 15 minutes or less on the nyloprint CW 50x70 water wash system contribute to the efficiency in the pre-press workflow. 

The use of nyloprint digital plates for metal decorative printing has helped Southern Graphics to fulfill the need for more demanding graphics. “We are really pleased that Southern Graphics has chosen to expand their use of Flint Group’s nyloprint product,” states Scott Bloxham, Regional Sales Manager for Flint Group in Canada. “It’s really great to see Michael and his team investing in new equipment and technology when other companies are frequently postponing investments. The installation of nyloprint equipment, along with the new laser, exposure, and proofing press will ensure that Southern Graphics is in a position to better serve the Canadian market, as they are also doing with the expansion of metal deco technology in the United States.”     

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