In a new video introducing its brand to most of the different markets it serves throughout the world, Sun Chemical shows just how often its inks and pigments touch almost all aspects of a person’s everyday life.

The video highlights the types of things that Sun Chemical’s products come in contact with that are typically in a person’s home or car, including: food packaging, solar panels, appliances, computers, newspapers, magazines, make-up, dashboards, and more. The video also shows many of the ways its inks and pigments are used during a quick trip to the grocery store.

“I can guarantee that most people who walk around each day don’t have any idea that virtually everything they touched or looked at could have had Sun Chemical’s mark on it in some way or another,” says Felipe Mellado, chief marketing officer, Sun Chemical. “We manufacture high quality inks and pigments for all markets, including emerging markets, such as printed electronics, digital, and more. We also lead the way with sustainability inks and offer low migration inks that meet stiff compliance regulations in Europe."

The core message of the video is meant to help customers know that Sun Chemical is a partner they can turn to as they transform their businesses to meet marketplace demands and keep costs down.

“Our customers have to compete in a marketplace that is transforming,” Mellado says. “They are facing strict regulations, higher costs than ever to run their business, sustainability requirements, and much more. That means that at Sun Chemical, we have to transform with them by providing solutions and services that comply with the newest regulations and sustainability requirements. We want to be partners with our customers and help them find ways to save more money.”

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