Johann G. Goebel, who gave his name to the company, could never have imagined that 160 years later Goebel would become the leading supplier of slitter rewinders. The Darmstadt-based company has been writing mechanical engineering history since 1851. Goebel enjoys international renown thanks to its unique expertise and technical precision.

And the secret of 160 years of success? Countless innovations and customer-oriented approach! Innovations which can frequently be regarded as quantum leaps in machine construction and developments which are highly regarded by experts in the field. Innovations which open up new possibilities and which are soon in common use in a range of industry sectors. The end result of innovations like these is high-performance machines for the future, which create jobs and ensure that Goebel remain popular all over the world. The manufacture of 9,000 slitter rewinders speaks for itself.

Dr. Ralf Enderle, managing director of Goebel Schneid-und Wickelsysteme GmbH says, “In the year 2011, Goebel is looking back on a history that spans 160 years. Over the many decades and through upheavals of two world wars, our company has developed into a global player for slitter/rewinders. From the very beginning our work at Goelbel revolved around paper and, after the advent of plastic, also film. This involved more and more inventions and new machine construction – all in an attempt to offer our customers the best possible solutions for their needs. One key to our future success is that we are always anticipating the needs of tomorrow.”

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