FILMtech, Inc., an industry leader in the manufacturing of metallized and barrier films, is celebrating 10 years of excellence in production, while expanding technologies in the packaging and converting industry.

FILMtech's general manager Mark McGarel says the business began in 2002 with five people and after a decade of steady growth, even in challenging economic times and a competitive marketplace, now employs 48 people and continues to expand while following a responsible business model.

Beginning a decade ago, just outside of Knoxville, Tenn., in a 20,000 square foot spec building with one metallizing machine, FILMtech has expanded exponentially, is now housed in an 88,000 square foot facility and produces more than a million pounds of product each month.

FILMtech products have proven to be effective and efficient for a wide variety of end-user applications and the company's research and development team continues to explore different applications with their innovative approach to matching product capabilities with customer needs. "One of the most important keys to the company's success," McGarel says, "has been diversification."

Current applications include flexible packaging, board lamination, balloons, agricultural barrier films, high barrier laminations and industrial converting. "There are things we have not even considered yet and we look forward to working with new customers in the development of exciting new applications as we enter into our second decade of operations," McGarel adds.

A banner hanging up on the FILMtech manufacturing plant floor reads, PRIDE - People Responsible In Delivering Excellence. "It is our people," McGarel says, "who are responsible for our success - Every single member of our team takes great pride in the products we produce and in the service we give our customers."

In addition to excellence in manufacturing, FILMtech is committed to environmental stewardship and annually prevents as much as 500 tons of film, pallets, aluminum and paperboard from entering landfills as part of its ongoing effort to recycle, reuse and reduce.

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