Double H Plastics now produces precision, extruded plastic cores in reprocessed as well as virgin high-density polyethylene. Sizes offered handle the full range of requirements, from narrow web to wide web, in lengths to 84 inches.

Users can purchase standard lengths or order them pre-cut on Double H Plastic’s precision core cutters. The company also provides cores in custom dimensions of wall thickness, diameter and other specifications. Special packaging is also offered, and the cores can be both re-used and recycled.

Being moisture-resistant, these cores are dimensionally stable and can be sterilized. And because of their minimal dusting, they’re suitable for clean room applications. For film converters and others, cores can be supplied with the specified surface characteristics.

Stock sizes can be shipped within 24 hours and, due to the company’s unusually low minimum order requirements, they can be purchased in very small lots. Samples of all stock cores are available.

Fully automatic machines are used to produce the cores, delivering maximum uniformity while reducing scrap and improving productivity. Close monitoring of the process during and after production ensures that tolerances for length, diameter, surface quality and roundness meet or exceed industry standards.

The company also produces smaller cores used for retail operations in single or twin-wall honeycomb designs, with tolerances that enable the paper to feed reliably, even under the most intense, high speed conditions. The firm maintains a major market lead in this application. In all, Double H Plastics maintains over twenty-million cores in stock.

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