Sun Chemical released its 2011 sustainability report, which expands on its established data-driven metrics by showcasing how the company’s leadership in sustainability is helping customers adapt and be more eco-efficient.

While Sun Chemical continues to be data-driven in its sustainability efforts by reporting the performance measurement for seven key sustainability metrics as outlined in its previous reports, the 2011 sustainability report expands on this commitment by citing specific examples of how its products, services and projects are helping customers improve their environmental impact.

“We’re now going beyond providing meaningful data that will help meet customer goals,” says Gary Andrzejewski, Sun Chemical’s Corporate Vice President of Environmental Affairs. “We are showing concrete examples of things we are doing to help customers produce less waste and carbon dioxide, while at the same time improving the efficiency of their operations.”

The report highlights Sun Chemical’s leadership role in low migration technology. As the regulatory landscape in Europe around the use of printing inks on food packaging has changed dramatically, Sun Chemical was the first company to offer low migration inks and provide best practice guides to help printers comply with the regulations.

Other products and services mentioned in the report that have helped customers become more eco-efficient include: SunGraphics SunLite In-Position Printing Plates for corrugated carton printers, the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program for the commercial and label, narrow web market, the SunMag Synergy ink/fount emulsion system for publication printers, and SunClean/SunWash cleaner and wash technology for heatset printers.

The report continues to show data collected every year since 2005 from approximately 170 Sun Chemical sites in over 25 countries. The key sustainability metrics measured in the data include: energy consumption/conservation at production and non-production sites, the energy carbon footprint at the production sites, process waste reduction, water consumption, materials safety, and employee safety.

Providing a report that shows the ongoing management and monitoring of key sustainability metrics is an important part of Sun Chemical’s sustainability policy.

“Our sustainability policy pushes us as a company to improve the eco-efficiency of our processes and products,” Andrzejewski says. “Our R&D efforts are a pivotal part of this process as we provide our customers with solutions that will be both eco-friendly and save them money. These data-driven sustainability reports have played a key role in helping our customers achieve many of their eco-efficiency goals.” 

All of Sun Chemical’s sustainability reports, along with the “Carbon Footprint Report 2010,” which outlines the results from nine independent environmental analyses focused on quantifying the carbon footprint of its product lines, are available to customers and can be requested online at Customers in the U.S. can also calculate the initial carbon footprint for their facility operations by visiting  

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