Brand managers and graphic designers can now quickly find licensed, qualified printers to execute their Color-Logic files by utilizing the new Color-Logic GeoMap.  A new feature of the Color-Logic website, the GeoMap quickly pinpoints the location of licensed and certified Color-Logic printers anywhere in the world, enabling users to find a printer near them or where the final printed product is required.   

Dave Bowden, Color-Logic director of operations and ecommerce says, “Our work with graphic designers and brand managers tells us that print providers often do not educate them about the latest print technologies, and rarely bring samples to illustrate what can be done.  As a result, they often have difficulty identifying printers who can use the latest technology.  The Color-Logic GeoMap greatly benefits brands and designers who wish to implement our process but do not know where to find a qualified Color-Logic printer.  The Color-Logic GeoMap not only shows the location of licensed Color-Logic printers, but also the printing processes they use.  Thus brand managers and graphic designers anywhere in the world can quickly find and qualify printers who specialize in offset, flexography, inkjet, digital, and screen printing.  The Color-Logic GeoMap also provides graphic testimony to the popularity of the Process Metallic Color System-now available on every continent except Antarctica.”  


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