Competitive analysis and benchmarking energize the strategies and implementation plans of leading flexible packaging converters.


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What moves do you make? Should you buy out your most vexxing competitor? Invest in R&D like never before? Expand in developing nations? Or should you hunker down and trim expenses? Consider a merger to strengthen your position in the market?

The strategies and tactics of a chess game reflect many business situations. Where your piece stands today is in direct relation to where all the other pieces are now…and where they’re planning to go next. Mate? Or checkmate?

Welcome to our annual Top 25 Converters issue. Similar to the Fortune 500 list, our exclusive Top 25 list represents film manufacturers, printers, laminators and pouch/bag converters that sell to packaging companies in North America across a range of markets. To complement and supplement this data, our in-depth profiles of the Top 5 companies reveal the acumen of the Kings of Flexible Packaging: those key players that everyone watches and learns from.

To identify the Top 25 Flexible Packaging Converters, we researched nearly 100 companies using several sources, including financial reports such as 10Ks with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), information from the Hoover’s Online database, annual reports and company websites.

After we compiled all the public information, we then went directly to each company, asking them to fill in any blanks and verify or correct our data. Missing fields are either left empty, or estimated to the best of our knowledge and identified with an asterisk. Rankings are based on sales for fiscal year 2007-but reflect revenue for flexible packaging only. Sales of products for, say, the electronics or automotive markets, are not included in our figures.

A few companies are absent from our list that perhaps shouldn’t be (ExxonMobil Films Div., American Packaging Corp. and Oracle Packaging, for example). Despite our best efforts, we were not able to find or feel comfortable estimating a 2007 revenue figure; and these companies declined to supply one. Several major acquisitions or mergers happened this year-for example, Graphic Packaging and Altivity merged; and the Rank Group bought Reynolds Flexible Packaging/Alcoa Flexible Packaging. But, remember, our list reflects 2007 sales of the individual firms. Next year is when you’ll see the combined sales of these new companies.

Your move.