A Profol Product for Any Application

American Profol is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality cast polypropylene (CPP) and polyethylene films. Profol offers a standard product line of films as well as custom films that are engineered to meet specific application requirements. We have organized our products into six major industry categories to accommodate our customer’s needs and usage.
  • DVD/Stationery - Brief summary description
  • Graphics - Brief summary description
  • Packaging - Brief summary description
  • Pressure Sensitive - Brief summary description
  • Technical - Brief summary description
  • Biodegradable - Brief summary description.
  • Printing substrates
  • Gift basket wraps
  • Banners
  • Floral sleeves
  • Pennant Strings
  • Multilayer laminates
  • Mouse Pads
  • CD and DVD packaging