CPP EXPO partnered with PACK EXPO and PROCESS EXPO again, and in Las Vegas in October, the relationship resulted in double-digit growth for the combined industry event across all meaningful, measurable categories.

When compared to the 2005 event, this year’s PACK EXPO/CPP EXPO/PROCESS EXPO show was up 10 percent in visitor attendance, 20 percent in exhibitor personnel attendance, and 13 percent in overall attendance. In addition, the 2007 event featured 11 percent more exhibiting companies and the educational seminars drew 15 percent more participants. The growth of these numbers point to the fact that trade shows are a healthy, viable, and even necessary part of the flexible packaging industry, as more and more decision-makers are attending these events to improve their company’s place within the marketplace.

Combined, the three shows brought together 1,776 exhibitors in 701,326 square feet on expo space, including 150 exhibitors and 28,675 sq. ft. from CPP EXPO alone.
Attendance 2005 2007 % Growth
Visitors* 21,785 23,960 10
Exibitor Personnel* 11,247 13,492 20
Total Attendance* 33,032 37,452 13
Exibiting Companies 1,149 1,281 11
Conference Participants 918 1,058 15
* Includes CPP Expo and Process Expo data

“PACK EXPO Las Vegas continues to attract a strong buying audience because attendees know that they will find the innovations they need to grow their business and create strong brands,” said Charles D. Yuska, president and CEO of PMMI. “PMMI was extremely pleased to see the strong growth in international attendance following a dedicated marketing effort to attract the international buying audience from key market segments.”

A Sustainable Event

The main topic within the industry is sustainability, and to the surprise of few this also this extended throughout nearly every aspect of the Las Vegas event, as many of the educational sessions discussed on sustainable initiatives and issue and even the trade show floor had a ‘green’ feel to it.

More than 25 percent of the exhibitor booths featured packaging solutions highlighting some aspect of sustainability including reduction in scrap, raw material usage, recycling, operational efficiency, reduction in energy usage and biopolymers.

During his keynote speech, David Acheson, assistant commissioner for food safety at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alerted the industry to the fact that a new government food safety approach is in the works.

“The new plan, once it’s cleared, will have more specifics to build better prevention, stronger intervention and faster response components,” he said, noting that focusing on just one of the three components would not suffice. “We need a new approach to food safety and food defense across the board.”

John A. Luke Jr., CEO, Mead Westvaco, discussed the leading-edge sustainability efforts of his company, as he challenged industry to take a “holistic” look at sustainability to ensure that industry moves beyond the simple construct of “reuse, reduce and recycle.”