The Flexible Packaging Association offices are abuzz with anticipation as the association prepares to receive innovative flexible packaging entries for the 52nd annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition. Honoring the continuous advancements made in the flexible packaging industry, the Achievement Awards competition is a unique platform showcasing the best of the best flexible packaging available in the marketplace today!

There are many benefits to entering your company’s flexible packages into the competition. Here are the top 10 reasons to enter FPA’s 2008 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition!

10. All flexible packaging entries receive recognition
All competition entries are featured in theFlexible Packaging Achievement Awards & Innovation Showcasebrochure. This publication includes full color photos, detailed descriptions of each winning package and competition entry.

9. Open to all
The competition is open to both FPA members and non-members. The first entry is free for FPA members and each additional entry is $100. Non-members may enter one package. The entry fee for non-members is $500. Suppliers contributing to a package and receiving prior approval may enter jointly with, or on behalf of, the converter. The deadline to submit entries is Monday, December 3, 2007.

8. Enter to win
You can’t win unless you enter! Any flexible package, or flexible component of a rigid package, currently produced and packaging a product sold in the market, may be entered. Prototypes are not eligible.

7. Entry is simple
Submitting an entry into the competition has never been easier. The easy-to-use online entry form is available on the FPA Web site, competition participants may also view the2008 Call for Entries,which includes the competition rules, entry instructions and an overview of the competition.

6. Showcase your innovative products
This is your opportunity to have your innovative ideas recognized. Tell us about the new technologies, printing techniques, packaging structures and environmental advantages that make your flexible packaging products extraordinary!

5. Receive recognition by industry peers
More than 200 flexible packaging industry executives and guests will gather to honor the winning entries of the competition at the Welcome & Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Dinner (March 3), which will be held during the 2008 FPA Annual Meeting (March 3-5). Musical comedy group, The Water Coolers, will host the awards ceremony.

4. Gain extensive media coverage
Winning competition entries receive tremendous domestic and international press coverage. All competition entries are also featured in the FPA Update section of Flexible Packaging magazine.

3. Exhibition at Industry Trade Shows
FPA receives a variety of requests to display the winning Achievement Award entries at industry trade shows. Winning packages are viewed by thousands of trade show attendees.The Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards & Innovation Showcase brochure, which features all competition entries, is also displayed and distributed during industry trade shows.

2. Become a member of the FPA Hall of Fame
This exclusive membership includes flexible packaging winners from years past. The only way to be included in this prestigious Hall of Fame is to win an Achievement Award!

And the number 1 reason to enter the 2008 Flexible Packaging Achievement Award is...

1. Advance the use of flexible packaging
The capabilities and innovation incorporated into all the entries in the Achievement Awards competition advance the use of flexible packaging by demonstrating developments in materials, graphics and production.

For additional information, visitwww.flexpack.orgor contact FPA at (410) 694-0800. We look forward to receiving your entry!


The Flexible Packaging Association is pleased to welcome flexible packaging supplier G&Z Montageservice GmbH to the association.

G&Z Montageservice GmbH is a full service installation company for the printing and converting industry. The FPA official representative is Holger Zimmermann, general manager and the FPA alternate representative is Stefan Krause, division manager, North America.

Thanks to the2007 FEC Networking Sponsors!

The Flexible Packaging Association extends special thanks to the 2007 FEC Networking Sponsors - Flint Group, Pliant Corp., ISO Poly Films, Liofol-A Division of Henkel Corp., Siegwerk USA Incorporation and Sun Chemical Corp. - who helped to make this year’s event an outstanding success. Thank you all!

FPA Issues 2nd Quarter 2007 "Pulse of the Industry" Report

The Flexible Packaging Association’sSecond Quarter 2007 Pulse of the Industry Reportfocus is short-term, examining the performance of the U.S. flexible packaging industry during the second quarter 2007 versus the first quarter of 2007 and second quarter 2006. 

Information and data included within theSecond Quarter 2007 Pulse of the Industry Report are based on the Second Quarter 2007 Pulse of the Industry Survey, which gathered information on U.S. flexible packaging industry net sales, volume, profitability, inventory levels, capital spending, capacity utilization, and sales and volume performance for the third quarter 2007 versus second quarter 2007.

Twenty-nine FPA converter members participated in the corresponding Report survey, representing a 55 percent participation rate and estimated annual revenue of approximately $9.3 billion.  

TheReport is available free of charge to all FPA members. For more information, contact FPA at (410) 694-0800.