The Flexible Packaging Association’s 58th Annual Meeting will examine “The Future of Flexible Packaging.” FPA members and guests will gather from March 5-7, 2008 at the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida for industry-focused presentations and great networking events.

Annual Meeting speakers include: Fred Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly Standard and FOX NEWS commentator, who will deliver the Annual Meeting Keynote Address and discuss the upcoming 2008 presidential election; Doug Larson, managing director of the packaging group at BMO Capital Markets, who will discuss capital markets, and mergers & acquisitions; Henry Levine, senior vice president of Stonebridge International, who will share his strategies for conducting business in China; Dr. Robert Genetski, interest rate forecaster and investment advisor, who will provide his economic and financial forecast; and Michael Richmond, Ph.D., Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions, LLC, will provide insight into the future of packaging. The 2008 Annual Meeting will also provide an update on the European flexible packaging market and preview the 2008 State of the Industry Report.

Additional Annual Meeting activities include: the 2008 Welcome & Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Dinner hosted by musical comedy group The Water Coolers, who will present the winning entries of the 2008 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition; display of the 2008 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Innovation Showcase; the 2008 Annual Meeting Dinner featuring Branscombe Richmond & The Renegade Posse, who will “serve up a mixture of rock, country, and R&B” music and the 2008 Annual Meeting Golf Tournament.

Online registration for the 58th FPA Annual Meeting is now available! Visit the FPA Web site,, to register and view the Annual Meeting agenda, details about the Welcome & Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Dinner, the Annual Meeting Dinner and the Annual Meeting Golf Tournament.

FPA's Business & Economic Research Activities

Third Quarter 2007, Pulse of the Industry Report

The recently published 3rd Quarter 2007Pulse of the Industry Report provides FPA members with insight into the flexible packaging industry’s performance during the 3rd quarter 2007, versus 2nd quarter 2007 and 3rd quarter 2006.

Flexible packaging industry-specific data available within the report is based on information gathered through the corresponding 3rd Quarter 2007 Pulse of the Industry Survey, which analyzes several areas of business activity including net sales, volume/output, profitability, inventory levels, capital spending and capacity utilization. The survey also gathers information to assess expectations for sales performance and volume/output in the 4th quarter 2007 versus the previous period (3rd quarter 2007).

Twenty-eight FPA converter members participated in the 3rd Quarter 2007 Pulse of the Industry Survey representing a 54 percent participation rate and estimated annual revenue of approximately $8.7 billion (approximately 37 percent of flexible packaging industry sales). Survey responses represent a broad cross section of companies within the flexible packaging industry and are classified into three categories including small (below $25 million in annual revenue), mid ($24-$100 million in annual revenue) and large (more than $100 million in annual revenue).

Survey results reveal that sixty-two percent of all participating companies reported higher 3rd quarter 2007 net sales versus 2nd quarter 2007, 31 percent of all participating companies reported lower 3rd quarter 2007 sales than for the previous quarter, and eight percent remained the same. Results also show that flexible packaging profit levels for “54 percent of all participating companies were lower than profits for 2nd quarter 2007, while 42 percent reported higher profit levels and four percent remained the same.” Flexible packaging companies remain optimistic as 50 percent of survey participants anticipate a strong sales performance during the 4th quarter 2007.

Second Quarter 2007 Earnings Report
Recently, FPA published its 2nd Quarter 2007 Earnings Report, which provides composite data on key financial information and operating expenses for participating flexible packaging converting companies. The report also details average P&L and expense data broken down by company size (based on year to date sales revenue) and primary manufacturing operation. The information and data available within the Earnings Report can be used to benchmark your company’s operating/profitability performance against that of other flexible packaging converter companies.

Data appearing within the 2nd Quarter 2007 Earnings Report is gathered through the corresponding 2nd Quarter 2007 Earnings Report Survey. Results are tabulated by a third-party accounting firm.

Participants of the 2nd Quarter 2007 Earnings Report Survey include 22 FPA converter members, representing a response rate of 42 percent and 2007 estimated annualized sales of approximately $4.2 billion. These impressive results add significant credibility to data and conclusions in the 2nd Quarter 2007 Earnings Report.

Survey participants include a representative cross section of small (below $25 million in annual revenue), mid ($24-$100 million in annual revenue) and large (more than $100 million in annual revenue). The 2nd Quarter 2007 Earnings Report is only available to FPA converter members participating in the 2nd Quarter 2007 Earnings Report Survey.

FPA Conducts 2008 FPA State of the Industry Survey
The Flexible Packaging Association is currently collecting FPA member and non-member survey results for 2008 State of the Industry Report. Annually, FPA gathers industry-specific financial and economic data from FPA converter and supplier members through the FPA State of the Industry Report Survey, and for the fifth consecutive year, FPA is gathering additional information and insight into the flexible packaging industry from non-member flexible packaging converters through the FPA Flexible Packaging Industry-Wide Converter Information Survey.

The initial survey response deadline is Friday, February 2, 2008. The 2008 FPA State of the Industry Report is available free of charge to FPA members and participants of the FPA Flexible Packaging Industry-Wide Converter Information Survey.

The 2008 FPA State of the Industry Report is a key association publication referenced by flexible packaging converters, suppliers and the investment community, and provides data on the economic and financial health of the flexible packaging industry.

Several aspects of the U.S. flexible packaging industry including structure and performance, materials and processes, end-uses, issues and visions are examined within the Report. In addition, an outlook on the global flexible packaging industry is also discussed. A preview of the survey results will be available during the 2008 FPA Annual Meeting, March 5-7 in Orlando, Florida. Full survey results will be published in summer 2008.

For more information on these and other FPA benchmarking reports, and the FPA Business & Economic Research Program, contact the association at (410) 694-0800 or

FPA Conducts Sustainable Packaging Workshop

 Recently, the Flexible Packaging Association successfully conducted its second Sustainable Packaging Workshop for the Flexible Packaging Industry. Held at the Marriott BWI Airport in Linthicum, Maryland, the workshop provided flexible packaging industry-specific information on data development for the Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard.

Facilitated by Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions, LLC (PTIS) and Global Sustainability Solutions Incorporated (GSSI), this comprehensive, one-day workshop included participants representing flexible packaging raw material suppliers and converters. The workshop combined presentations, group interaction and hands-on demonstrations of the Wal-Mart Packaging Scorecard, Scorecard Modeling and Virtual Packaging Trade Show tools to help participants develop system competency and future sustainable packaging programs.

Feedback from the workshop participants was overwhelmingly positive. They noted that, “having a forum to interact with peers to identify system benefits and gaps from both a material supplier and converter perspective was a primary benefit of the workshop.” Workshop attendees also commented that, “they are better prepared to collaborate with their customers, develop a sustainable packaging strategy, and identify sustainable materials/structures that can enhance scorecard results.”

For more information on FPA’s Sustainable Packaging Workshop and other FPA Sustainability Initiatives & Activities, visit the association atwww.flexpack.orgor contact FPA at (410) 694-0800.


 Recently, FPA held its 2008 Environmental Summit. From January 24-26, flexible packaging converters and suppliers examined environmental topics and issues specific to the flexible packaging industry.

Presenters of the 2008 Environmental Summit included: Marybeth Kelliher, Department of Homeland Security, who discussed “DHS Security Requirements & Challenges,” the recently published Chemical Facility security requirements rule and how Appendix A (DHS Chemicals of Interest) will impact the flexible packaging industry. John DiLoreto of NanoReg examined “Nanotechnology: Applicability & Challenges,” and Dr. Robert Mott of Sun Chemical Corporation provided an update on the implementation of the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulation.

William J. Burke of Johnson Controls, Inc. explored “Incentives to Invest in Energy;” Eric Gingsburg, U.S. EPS Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards, shared the Agency’s priorities and how the activities may impact the operations of flexible packaging companies; and Dave Salman of the U.S. EPA, highlighted “Control Techniques Guidelines” and provided a “Risk & Technology Review.”

Beverly Banister, U.S. EPA Region 4, provided an update on the “National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone;” Charlotte Mooney, U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste, examined “Management & Recycling of Hazardous Waste;” Mike Trutna and Barrett Parker, U.S. EPA, discussed “Flexible Permitting & Emissions Factors Uncertainty;” and John Bernardo, Sustainable Innovations LLC and Bernie Medwith, Exopack LLC, led a very interactive Sustainability Workshop & Panel Discussion. The session reviewed the elements of sustainability, examined its impact on the flexible packaging industry, and how to go about developing and implementing an effective sustainability program.

Special thanks are given to the 2008 Safety Conference Networking Sponsors: Glenroy, Incorporated, MEGTEC Systems, Sealed Air Corporation and Sun Chemical Corporation. Presentations from the 2008 Environmental Summit are available in the ‘Members Only’ section of the FPA Web site


On January 23, 2008, FPA member safety professionals and managers gathered for FPA’s 2008 Safety Conference, which included presentations from industry experts, detailing safety standards, techniques and measures that can assist in reducing workplace injuries and improving productivity and quality.

Dan Williams of Sealed Air Corporation shared his company’s multi-faceted approach to “Developing Safety Culture” and how Sealed Air Corporation implemented strategic changes throughout the organization to adopt a “culture of safety.” Joel Rappaport of Oracle Flexible Packaging, Inc. discussed “Handling Fire Episodes” and how to respond to an unexpected catastrophe. Safety Conference attendees learned what types of fire detection and suppression systems are commercially available, and if they are suited for press fire protection as Tom Farruggia of Illinois Fire & Safety Company discussed “On Press Fire Management and Control.”

Luther Compton of AMCOR PET Packaging provided an overview on how to establish a “Chemical Purchase Review Process,” which included a focused examination of protocols, MSDS controls and data analysis, statistics, future direction and communication. The fact-filled “Safety & Risk Management of Contractors” session, conducted by Tom Martinelli of Lockton Companies and Peter Schmitz of Alcan Packaging, explored issues that must be considered when contracting with a third party, recent changes to the U.S. OSHA subcontractor standards, and how to develop and implement a contractor management program.

Joan Spencer of the U.S. OSHA and Sharon Patterson of Amcor Flexibles, reviewed “Material Handling Guidelines,” while Ron Unger of Exopack LLC reviewed “Injury Management” and the policies and procedures his company has implemented to improve injury management.

Special thanks are given to the 2008 Safety Conference Networking Sponsors: Glenroy, Incorporated, MEGTEC Systems, Sealed Air Corporation and Sun Chemical Corporation. Presentations from the 2008 Safety Conference are available in the ‘Members Only’ section of the FPA Web site