Last month, copies of the highly anticipated flexible packaging sustainability brochure were sent to all FPA members. This education and marketing brochure, entitled“Sustainability and Flexible Packaging: More Value. Less Waste,” communicates the benefits, sustainability and functionality of flexible packaging.

The brochure is a key element of FPA’s Flexible Packaging SustainabilityEducation & Marketing Campaign. Launched in December 2007, the campaign targets consumer goods manufacturers and retailers, and promotes the value proposition and sustainability of flexible packaging. Using diverse methods of communication, including business-to-business interaction, and print and electronic media, the tools of the campaign will be used to promote a greater understanding and acceptance of multilayer flexible packaging as a sustainable packaging solution.

Unique in both its design and presentation of information, the brochure incorporates strong information and data on the sustainable benefits of flexible packaging. The brochure is compelling, attractive and easy to read. Discussed within are sustainabilityachievements of flexible packaging from several points of view. The brochure details environmental efforts of the flexible packaging industry and how, through technology and innovation, flexible packaging has lowered its dependence on natural resources andimproved manufacturing efficiencies.

From a community and consumer perspective, the brochure examines how flexiblepackaging enhances the quality of life, increases consumer convenience, assures freshness and safety, and reduces waste. The brochure highlights how retailers benefit from the use of flexible packaging. Data from flexible packaging case studies are also utilized within the brochure. This analysis of various forms of flexible packaging provides solid scientific-based information on the advancements of the industry.

This brochure captures the essence of the flexible packaging success story. Throughout its lifecycle, flexible packaging is beneficial from a financial, social and environmental point of view. The brochure provides FPA members with a helpful source of informationthat members can use and refer to when discussing the sustainable aspects of flexible packaging with their customers. FPA is also developing a companion brochure that will provide detailed case studies on the sustainable advantage of flexible packaging over other packaging formats. This brochure will be available later this year.

In addition to developing and launching a major flexible packaging sustainability education and marketing campaign, FPA has conducted in-depth market research on the state of the sustainable packaging movement and the impact it’s having on flexible packaging. The results of the dual-phased study are available in the Sustainable Packaging Report and the Brand Owner & Retailer Sustainable Packaging Report.Throughout 2008, FPA will continue to provide guidance to FPA members on various sustainability issues. While introducing additional elements of the flexible packaging sustainability education and marketing campaign, FPA will remain an active member of the Wal-Mart Sustainable Packaging Network and Steering Committee; continue to provide information on FPA sustainable packaging events and Wal-Mart Scorecard updates through the FPA Sustainable Packaging Web page; and supply FPA members with the latest on industry-related sustainability news and activities through the FPA Sustainability Update electronic newsletter.

For more information on these and other FPA sustainability initiatives, contact theassociation at 410-694-0800 or visit the association’s website at


FPA publishes 2008 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards & Innovation Showcase

The 2008 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards and Innovation Showcase features all the entries and winning packages of FPA’s 2008 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition. Divided into two sections, the Achievement Awards section highlights the winning entries by the award won (Highest Achievement, Gold and Silver), and the Innovation Showcase section includes all competition entries organized in alphabetical order. The publication also includes full color photos, information and descriptions for all the packages.

The entries of the 52nd annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition underscore the fascinating innovation taking place in the flexible packaging industry. Outstanding achievements in flexible packaging materials, structure and applicationshave advanced the use of flexible packaging within the retail, institutional and industrial markets.

The 2008 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition received 75 flexible packaging entries, of which 26 packages received a total of 29 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards. To receive your copy of the 2008 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards & Innovation Showcase, contact the association at 410-694-0800 or visit the FPA website,

FPA Publishes 2008 Membership Directory

FPA’s 2008 Membership Directory is a comprehensive publication listing the members of the Flexible Packaging Association. In addition to the print version, the Directory is available 24/7 in the “Members Only” section of the FPA website, to FPA members on an annual basis, the Directory provides information on flexible packaging converter and supplier members including company contact information, plant locations, FPA official and alternate representatives, and additionalcompany contacts. The Directory is organized in alphabetical order by company name, and includes a company and personnel index. A listing of FPA trade press, academicand international members is available within the Directory, in addition to the FPA mission statement, bylaws, program committees and past chairpersons.

To obtain additional copies of the 2008 FPA Membership Directory listing, contact the association at 410-694-0800 or


The Flexible Packaging Association’s 59th Annual Meeting will be heldFebruary 25-27, 2009, at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida. Themeeting will bring together FPA members and guests for great networkingopportunities, fun and content-rich presentations. The Meeting will also include the presentation of the 2009 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards and the Flexible Packaging Innovation Showcase, which will feature all the entries from the 2009 Achievement Awards competition.

For more information, contact FPA at 410-694-0800 or visit the association online at


Recently, FPA published itsFourth Quarter 2007, Pulse of the Industry Report.The Report provides FPA members with insight into the financial and economic performance of the flexible packaging industry during the 4th quarter 2007, versus 3rd quarter 2007 and 4th quarter 2006. Flexible packaging industry-specific data available within the report is based on information gathered through the corresponding Fourth Quarter 2007 Pulse of the Industry Survey, which analyzes several areas of business activity including net sales, volume/output, profitability, inventory levels, capital spending and capacity utilization. The survey also gathers information to assess expectations for sales performance and volume/output in the 1st quarter 2008 versus the previous period (4th quarter 2007).

Thirty-two FPA converter members participated in the Fourth Quarter 2007, Pulse of the Industry Survey, representing a 59% participation rate and estimated annual revenue of approximately $9.1 billion (approximately 39% of flexible packaging industry sales).

Survey responses represent a broad cross section of companies within the flexible packaging industry and are classified into three categories including small (less than $25 million in annual revenue), mid ($24 to $100 million in annual revenue) and large (more than $100 million in annual revenue). Results for the Fourth Quarter 2007, Pulse of the Industry Survey showed 34% of participants were large companies, 28% were mid-sized companies and 38% were small companies.

Survey results reveal that 50% of all participating companies reported higher 4th quarter 2007 net sales versus 3rd quarter 2007, 44% of all participating companies reported lower 4th quarter 2007 sales than for the previous quarter and 6% remained the same.

Results also show that flexible packaging profit levels for 56% of all participating companies were higher than profits for 3rd quarter 2007, while 34% reported lower profit levels and 10% remained the same. Flexible packaging companies remain mildly optimistic as 47% of survey participants anticipate higher sales performance during the 1st quarter 2008.

TheFourth Quarter 2007, Pulse of the Industry Reportis available to companies participating in the corresponding survey. For more information, contact the association at 410-694-0800 or visit


Mark your calendar for these upcoming FPA events!

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July 15-16, 2008
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Committee Meeting
July 16, 2008
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October 28, 2008
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2009 FPA Safety Conference
January 21, 2009
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2009 FPA
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January 22-23, 2009
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