Through the association’s sustainability initiatives and activities, FPA consistently works to effectively communicate that flexible packaging is a sustainable packaging solution for retailers, consumer product manufacturers and consumers. To support this key message, FPA has developed educational literature on the sustainable benefits of flexible packaging, which incorporates data on the value and advantages flexible packaging offers throughout its lifecycle.

FPA’s new “Sustainability Solutions: Examples of the Environmental Advantages of Using Flexible Packaging” brochure contains comparative case studies on several flexible packaging formats versus other forms of packaging, including:
  • the HDPE flexible pouch mailer (versus recycled paperboard mailer),
  • the flexible “brick pack” (versus the metal can with plastic lid and plastic container with lid),
  • the flexible stand-up pouch (versus round paperboard canister with plastic lid and folding carton with inner poly bag),
  • the  flexible beverage pouch (versus glass bottle with metal cap, plastic PET bottle with cap, and aluminum can),
  • the #10 flexible pouch (versus the #10 metal can), and
  • shrink wrap (versus paperboard).

As the companion brochure to the FPA’s “Sustainability and Flexible Packaging: More Value. Less Waste.” brochure, the “Sustainability Solutions” literature examines the quantitative efficiencies of flexible packaging in terms of product weight, weight of packaging, product-to-package ratio and package per 100 grams of product. The comparative case studies also discuss how innovation and advances within the industry have led to many of the advantages we see today in flexible packaging-source and landfill volume reduction, energy and raw material savings, reduced production and shipping cost, increased consumer safety and extended shelf-life.

An electronic version of the “Sustainability Solutions” brochure is available to all FPA members within the Members Only section of the FPA website, Visitors may also view the brochure by accessing the Sustainable Packaging section of the FPA website. Hard copies of the brochure will be forwarded to all FPA members soon, and will be available at the FPA 2008 Fall Executive Conference, which will be held on Tuesday, October 28, in Chicago at The Drake Hotel.

Both the “Sustainability Solutions: Examples of the Environmental Advantages of Using Flexible Packaging” and the “Sustainability and Flexible Packaging: More Value. Less Waste.” brochures are key elements of FPA’s Flexible Packaging Sustainability Education & Marketing Campaign. Through this campaign, FPA uses business-to-business interaction, and print and electronic media, to promote a greater understanding and acceptance of multi-layer flexible packaging as a sustainable packaging solution among consumer goods manufacturers and retailers.

For more information about FPA’s Flexible Packaging Sustainability Initiatives, contact the association at 410-694-0800 or visit FPA at

Association Activities Update

FPA Welcomes New Members!

FPA is pleased to welcome the following new members to the association:

  Earth First Industries
Earth First Industries (EFI) manufactures and distributes Earth Board and Earth Film (patent pending) composites in the U.S., Japanese and European regions. EFI is a joint venture company with Taiwan Long Meng, KaoShung, Taiwan and packaging R&D company. EFI produces materials that are unique, flexible and rigid composites for the consumer packaging industries. The FPA official representative is Chris Tilton, chief technical officer. The FPA alternate representative is William Lorenzi, president.

Graphic Packaging Int’l Inc.
Graphic Packaging International Inc. converts flexible packaging materials by extrusion and adhesive laminating, flexographic printing, blown film extrusion, and bag and pouch making. The FPA official representative is Joe Marinacci, vice president of sales and marketing. The FPA alternate representative is Patrice Calmels, general manager.

Impex Group Holding L.P.
Impex International Group is an international converter and supplier of all types of packaging films, such as polyethylene (PET), biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), nylon, metallized, coated and holographic films. Impex International Group also supplies a number of other specialty films, paper and foils. Based out of Houston, Texas, Impex has converting facilities in Houston and warehousing locations throughout North America. The FPA official representative is Ash Shah, president and CEO. The FPA alternate representative is Manish Aima, business manager.

tesa tape inc.
tesa tape inc. is a global manufacturer of pressure-sensitive tape solutions for the flexible packaging industry. The FPA official representative is Joseph Prunier, market manager. The FPA alternate representative is Jeff Davis, sales manager.

Western Michigan University
Western Michigan University offers bachelor of science (B.S.) degrees in paper engineering, paper science, chemical engineering and imaging. Masters (M.S.) and doctorate (Ph.D) degrees are offered in Paper and Imaging Science and Engineering. The Chemical Engineering program offers the unique areas of concentration in Paper, Life Sciences, Energy and Environment. Western Michigan University recently modified its Imaging program to reflect changes in the industry including high-speed digital printing and color management. The FPA official representative is Larry Ahleman, M.A., instructor, master faculty specialist. The FPA alternate representative is Dr. Said AbuBakr, department chair and professor. 

Sneak Preview: 2008 FPA Fall Executive Conference

FPA’s 2008 Fall Executive Conference will be held on Tuesday, October 28, at The Drake Hotel in Chicago. The conference will focus on topics and issues specific to the flexible packaging industry, including sustainability, raw materials, cost and availability. 

The results of FPA’s 2008 Market Research Study will also be presented during the conference. The study will provide insight into three distinct areas: (1) energy consumption and savings in manufacturing and use of flexible packaging, (2) the value proposition of flexible packaging (from a consumer, retailer and value chain perspective) and (3) end-of-life scenarios for flexible packaging focusing on waste-to-energy and recycling. The study will provide a greater understanding of how the flexible packaging industry is favorably positioned within these distinct areas. It will also provide FPA with great guidance for developing future education and communication programs.

Registration materials and agenda details for the 2008 FPA Fall Executive Conference will be available in the coming weeks. For more information, visit FPA’s website,, or call the association at 410-694-0800.

FPA at PACK EXPO International 2008

Be sure to stop by the FPA booth (booth number C-64) during PACK EXPO International 2008, November 9-13 in Chicago. FPA will display winning entries from the 2008 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards.

Copies of several FPA publications will be available including the 2008 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Innovation Showcase, the 2008-2009 Flexible Packaging Buyers Guide, the FPA Sustainability & Flexible Packaging: More Value. Less Waste. and Sustainability Solutions: Examples of the Environmental Advantages of Using Flexible Packaging. For more information, visit or 

Now Available: FPA's 2008-2009 Flexible Packaging Buyers Guide

The 2008-2009 FPA Flexible Packaging Buyers Guide includes detailed information regarding the manufacturing and supply capabilities of FPA members. As a key reference for the flexible packaging industry, this publication provides specific information regarding the production, printing, converting processes, materials used and value-added services provided by FPA members. The Buyers Guide details the machinery, adhesives, inks, coatings, resins, substrates, equipment and other supplies provided by FPA associate members to flexible packaging manufacturers. 

The 2008-2009 FPA Flexible Packaging Buyers Guide also contains contact information and brief descriptions about FPA member companies, a FPA calendar of events, meetings and conferences, and interesting flexible packaging industry facts and figures. An electronic version of the publication is available on FPA’s website, Hard copies are also available by contacting the association at 410-694-0800.