From left: James Gordon, graphics mgr; Mike Dowling, owner;  Andrea Grumbir, intern; Jane Schmidt, supervisor of CL&D Graphics.

This summer, FPA converter members American Packaging Corporation and CL&D Graphics participated in FPA’s 2012 Flexible Packaging Academic Scholarship & Summer Internship Program, and provided career development internships for packaging and printing school students.

Established in 2005, the FPA Flexible Packaging Scholarship & Internship Program has awarded more than $80,000 in academic scholarships to interns who successfully complete summer internships with FPA converter members.

The students participating in the 2012 program were chosen from a competitive pool of applicants. American Packaging Corporation welcomed intern Jon Michael Spatafore, and CL&D Graphics sponsored Andrea Grumbir. Both students are pursuing graphics and printing science degrees at Western Michigan University. Jon and Andrea each received a FPA academic scholarship valued at $3,000. Following in this issue of the FPA Update is a recap of their summer internship experiences.

‘A Wonderful Experience'

“My internship at American Packaging Corporation was a wonderful experience. It met my expectations and surpassed them! The knowledge I have gained from my internship will assist me immensely throughout the rest of my career. I enjoyed working with the American Packaging Corporation staff that provided great support and full exposure to flexible packaging converting. The flexible packaging industry continues to grow and it was amazing to learn about the development of flexible packaging,” said Jon.

During his internship, Jon completed projects in the graphics, quality assurance and printing divisions. “I learned a great deal about flexible packaging substrates and structures, and how the company meets product challenges. I have acquired a greater understanding of the work and effort that goes into flexible packaging,” commented Jon.

‘Developing New Skills'

“I learned many things during my internship during my internship at CL&D Graphics. I worked on several projects in the R&D and graphics departments, completed work with shrink sleeves, and conducted heat seal curve testing. I’ve learned how to set up and run a laminator to produce film material, and experimented with various ways to implement 3D visuals into various print jobs,” commented Andrea. 

“I worked with a great group of people who were willing to help me learn about the industry and participated in new product information meetings, which allowed me to witness great collaboration between numerous departments within CL&D Graphics. I’ve developed new skills that will be great assets to me as I pursue my future career goals,” said Andrea. 

For more information about the 2012 Flexible Packaging Academic Scholarship & Summer Internship Program, visitwww.flexpack.orgor contact the association at (410) 694-0800.