The Flexible Packaging Association’s Operating Ratios Report provides an annual review of operating expenses for flexible packaging converters. Data in the Report including material, profitability and key operating statistics, is provided to assist flexible packaging converters benchmark their performance with that of other flexible packaging converters.

As a benefit of FPA membership, the 2011 Operating Ratios Report is available to FPA converter members that participated in the 2011 Operating Ratios Survey. The association notes that 49 percent of its converter members participated in the survey.

The Report notes that profitability for flexible packaging companies followed a steady trend of modest increases from 2008-2010 before experiencing a sharp decline in 2011.

Additional information in the 2011 Operating Ratios Report includes a comparative list of key statistics for 2010 and 2011. Statistics shown include average net sales per employee; average profit to net sales (as a percent); average profit to gross assets (as a percent); average gross assets per employee; inventory turnover; collection period (average in days); wages, salary and benefit payments as a percentage of net sales; average material waste percentage; and, environmental costs as a percentage of net sales.

For more information about the 2011 Operating Ratios Report, and additional FPA benchmarking reports including the State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report, the Industry Earnings Report,  the Pulse of the Industry Report, and the Industry Compensation Report,  contact Bob Zaborowski, Director, Business and Economic Research atbzaborowski@flexpack.orgor (410) 694-0800.