Co-Author Dr. Steven Levitt Delivers Keynote Address

Nearly 300 top-level industry professional participated in the 2012 FPA Annual Meeting, which included great networking opportunities and content-rich educational sessions. Winning entries of the 2012 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards were also announced during the 2012 FPA Annual Meeting, which was recently held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Special thanks is given to FPA members Ampacet Corporation, Berry Plastics Corporation, Bobst Group North America, Comexi Group, Davis-Standard, LLC, DuPont Company, Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC, Flint Group, Nordmeccania, NA, Reifenhauser Incorporated, Siegwerk U.S.A. Company, and Sun Chemical Corporation for their generous sponsorship of the 2012 FPA Annual Meeting Networking Events.

Following are summaries of the 2012 FPA Annual Meeting presentations.


The New York Times bestselling co-author of FREAKONOMICS and SUPERFREAKONOMICS, Dr. Steven Levitt delivered the keynote address titled, “FREAKONOMICS: Unconventional Thinking for an Unpredictable Economy.” He discussed the importance of using unconventional thinking to address the pros and cons of current business models and how to succeed as well as excel in the midst of an economic crisis.  Using examples from his bestselling books, Steven examined how combining data, economic theory and unorthodox thinking in the business world can help flexible packaging companies shine.

A Long Shadow: The World Economy after the Financial Crisis

Economics editor of The Economist Zanny Minton-Beddoes provided her perspective on the global economy as it emerges from the deepest recession since the 1930s. Her presentation titled, “A Long Shadow: The World Economy after the Financial Crisis” examined the shape, scope and strength of the recovery and what kind of global economy will emerge as a result. Zanny also discussed what the consequences will be for America and the U.S. dollar. 

Growth Opportunities for U.S. Flexible Packaging

As flexible packaging companies seek to grow their businesses and expand flexible packaging’s share of the 134 billion U.S. packaging industry, FPA commissioned  market research examining Growth Opportunities for U.S. Flexible Packaging. During the Meeting, the final results of that research were shared by Jeff Bornstein, vice president of SAI. Jeff, also the research project lead, provided an update on preliminary results reviewed during the 2011 FPA Fall Executive Conference, and detailed challenges, trends, and opportunities for flexible packaging growth. He noted that food presents the largest potential segment for flexible packaging.

A Global Perspective: Exploring the Dynamics of the Flexible Packaging Marketplace

Senior vice president and Partner of Ernst & Young, Ken Brooks provided a global perspective and explored the dynamics of the flexible packaging market place. He discussed recent developments and market trends, the structure of the flexible packaging market, and reviewed drivers of industry M&A activity.

Delivering Value Across the Value Chain

Holistic Packaging Design™ was the focus of Brian Wagner and Angelique Green’s 2012 FPA Annual Meeting presentation. Brian of co-founder of PTIS, a division of Havi Global Solutions Direct, LLC and Angelique, managing director for Boxer, shared how flexible packaging companies can blend insights from consumers, retailers, competition, product requirements, material possibilities and manufacturing capabilities to generate and realize powerful and unique ideas for flexible packaging.  

2012 FPA Flexible Packaging State of the Industry Report

Jim Mize, vice president Global Sector – Food Packaging of Sealed Air Corporation, and newly elected chairman of the FPA Board of Directors, shared the preliminary results of the 2012 FPA State of the Industry Report. Jim provided insight on industry performance, major issues and challenges, and the road ahead for the $25.5 billion industry. Jim also noted that the 2012 State of the Industry Report would be available in spring 2012.

The Meeting also included presentations from Jan Homan, chairman of Constantia Flexible Holding, and chairman of Flexible Packaging Europe, who provided an Update on the European and Global Markets for Flexible Packaging; and Nick Vafiadis of Chemical Market Associates/IHS, who delivered his bi-annual report on the cost and availability of flexible packaging materials.

Presentations from the 2012 FPA Annual Meeting are available in the Members Only section of For more information, contact FPA at (410) 694-0800.