Global Political-Economic Expert Marvin Zonis and Sports Illustrated's L. Jon Wertheim Speakers During 2011 Conference

The Flexible Packaging Association is pleased to announce that global political-economic expert Marvin Zonis, andSports Illustrated senior writer L. Jon Wertheim, will join FPA members and guests as speakers during the 2011 FPA Fall Executive Conference on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at The Ritz Carlton in Chicago, Illinois. Registration for the Conference is now available on the FPA website, The hotel reservation deadline is Friday, September 2, 2011 and reservations can be made by contacting The Ritz Carlton at (312) 266-1000.

Marvin Zonis is a leading expert and consultant on the global political economy and political risk. Using real world examples, Zonis provides insight into global developments and trends, explaining the rapidly shifting social, political and economic environments and their implications for business and public policy. As a respected economic commentator, Zonis has written for The Financial Times, The New York Times,andThe International Herald Tribune.He has authored several books, including his latest, The Kimchi Matters: Global Business and Local Politics in a Crisis Driven World.

FEC Networking Luncheon speaker L. Jon Wertheim is one of the most accomplished sports journalist in America. Wertheim joined Sports Illustrated in 1996 and quickly became one of the magazine’s most authoritative voices on the NBA, sports business and law, social issues and tennis. During his career at Sports Illustrated,Wertheim has explored wide-ranging subject matters, from high school hazing to performance-enhancing drugs and steroids in sports. Werthim is also the co-author of Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games Are Won.
The Conference agenda also includes a presentation of FPA research findings on Growth Opportunities for Flexible Packaging. FPA commissioned SAI Industrial LLC to conduct this study that will identify the top trends, opportunities and barriers to flexible packaging growth, and define issues and opportunities for conversion from other packaging formats to flexible packaging.

A preview of FPA research results on Resource Recovery from Flexible Packaging Waste will also be provided during the Conference. The Flexible Packaging Association has conducted a series of pilot programs to identify technologies that provide viable end-of-life alternatives to landfill for flexible packaging waste and demonstrate the efficacy of resource recovery technologies including microwave pyrolysis, gasification, thermal pyrolysis, and engineered solid fuel.

Conference attendees will also hear from Nick Vafiadis, business director of Polyolefins & PVC at CMAI, who will provide an Update on Flexible Packaging Materials. Vafiadis manages the North American polyethylene market intelligence studies for CMAI, and produces theFPA/CMAI Bi-Annual Polyolefins Market Report,which is prepared exclusively for FPA. Additional conference speakers and information will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

For more information, visit the FPA website atwww.flexpack.orgor at  (410) 694-0800.